Vj Ali Safina

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ali Safina is an adventurous individual taking up challenges and chores in life as a part of living and learning. He believes in doing everything and seizes every opportunity that comes his way as a mean to himself and his own skills. In his journey, he has churned every bit of his personality into a skill that serves to be an asset for him and the work he does. Just like his command over three languages that he, very comically blends into a jargon of his own!

Fond of extreme sports like Scuba Diving & Bungee Jumping, Ali aspires to perform a “freefall’ from a high cliff someday! Versatile which he is, he is also fond of cooking food & traveling and exploring places & being in a good company … on top of it all, Ali Safina likes to be FREE!

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